Feeling empty inside.


Do you feel what I feel?

Are you emotionally tired? feeling lost and empty?

Well, If you would ask me how I feel right now? Well just simple.

I am tired, lost, and empty inside.

I’ve asked myself “What’s lacking in me? Why I can’t fill the hole inside my heart? I am happy with my family and friends, but why I am still empty inside? There is a space in my heart that every time I tried to look for it I can’t find anything, just a hole..
I thought having a good job, loving family and friends I will not feel empty or saddened. But why I am feeling empty and tired? I don’t know exactly when it was started, I just woke up one day feeling empty and emotionally tired. I feel nothingness just a pain inside my heart. I can’t explain why the pain exists? I want to escape with this feelings but I don’t know how.
Every time I look at myself in the mirror, I am nowhere to find. I ask and ask myself what’s lacking in me? Why I feel worthless, ugly and dumb? Why every time I tried to reach the ladder I stumbled and fall? Why I have this feelings of complete emptiness? What’s wrong with me?

I feel hopeless…

I am tired of myself.

I am tired of being nice to others.

I am tired of being forgiving to others.
I am tired of holding pain.

I am tired of dreaming of a life I will never have.

I am tired of this feelings.

I wish I could be someone else. I wish I am just like others.

I want to escape the world. I want to try something that I am not.