Where is Prince charming?

“All girls dream is to find a life partner”

When I was young I used to dream of a man who can love me more than I love him. A prince who is likely “Charles” on Cinderella’s story who has owns the good qualities that every girl’s desires to have.

Growing up I was constantly exposed to stories about love and happy endings. A love stories where there are joys and sorrows. 

Because of my desires to look for my prince I always let myself alone, searching around in every corner and hoping that someday my prince will come, asking me to take his hands, marry him and take me away.

But time passed by and still there was no prince charming in sight.


Is” prince charming” does exist? Or I just creating my own illusions that fairy tales can really happen in real life?

I may say this because I never experienced it in this way and yes I admit that until now I’m still SINGLE waiting and believing that my prince charming is still on his way to get me.

Well, maybe there is no man who possesses the characteristics of a prince charming that exists only in fairy tales.

Or maybe it is just only me holding the assumption that there is a prince charming waiting out there for me.



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